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Steinhaus Oven Belts

We are one of the few suppliers worldwide for this special product.

Rolled baking oven belts, also known in the market as net bands or “Z”-belts, made by Steinhaus meet extremely high requirements with regard to steel quality, spiral structure and tolerances. So the following operational characteristics are given:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Long operational life time with an indication of min. 4 years under normal operational conditions
  • Low risk for repairs
  • minor maintenance efforts

Therefore they are enjoying a permanent rise in popularity with increasing market shares at endusers and OEMs.

This is the link to a short presentation, introducing the main features of our baking oven belts:

STEINHAUS Baking Oven Belts - Experience all over the World

New belt type F 4018

The increasing requests to combine the advantages of our rolled baking oven belts with an improved heat storage made Steinhaus develop a new belt type, the F 4018.
So with this belt, having principally the same mesh structure than the F4012 (~Z47) and F4015 (~Z47R) but with a thicker wire diameter of 1,8 mm, the trend of some new ovens - higher baking temperature & speed - can be followed. For this, we are the only producer worldwide
The increase in weight up to ~14,2 kg/sqm is making the gap between the Z-Belts and the heavy weight multiple spiral belts closer.
In the belt type comparison you will find all details

Rolled Baking Oven Belts Now In Widths up to 1800 mm

Over the recent years Steinhaus has been continuously improving the production for rolled baking oven belts with regard to quality and specifications.
This was possible with the design and development of new automatic units for the belt mesh.
As a further step a rolling stand for new belt widths has been installed successfully (Photo).
So from now on it is possible, as the only producer in the world, to supply rolled baking oven belts in width up to 1800 mm maintaining our high quality standards known.
In doing so, we are supporting the requests from many OEMs and end users.
Now in wide tunnel ovens heavy weight multiple spiral belts can be replaced by our rolled baking oven belts with their lower weight and energy consumption as well as better air permeability. 


STEINHAUS and the Biscuit People

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